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fvours 3

Wedding favours

These were wedding favours that I was asked to do for a wedding a month ago. Time was one of my biggest challenges as I only had 2 weeks to do 150 magnets. Which wasn’t aided by my kiln breaking down on my a week before they were due! The illustration was by Daniel Horner who was the groom, and although this isn’t my typical style of work I liked the personal aspect of it and they weren’t your run of the mill favours. I also took on all the packaging and finishing touches where I took the couples colours and style into consideration.


These plates were requested by someone who wanted something wonky, organic looking. I was met by quite a few challenges for these though as my kiln is a small top loader and trying to fit dinner plates in was a bit of a nightmare. There was also side plates that went along with these and as a result her friend also commissioned tapas plates and spoons; image to follow.