The wanderer returns!


Okay, so it’s been a while since I last posted…well anything! I have been ticking over and ventured around the world so I haven’t spent ALL my time watching series 1-4 (and waiting very patiently) for series 5 of Game of Thrones!
It has been around about a year since I last updated my page, so where have I been? well after exhibiting at Candid Arts Trust with the Ceramic, Furniture and Glass exhibition March 2014 and I then submitted a Vase from that same collection for exhibiting at the Aberdeen Artists’ Annual Exhibition in May which sold there as well.
I also created a new light which was meant to be my prototype but I managed to sell that as someone took a fancy to it.
Really though, I spent the majority of last year working and saving up money to go travelling with my friend Sarah. So the big trip around the world finally happened! After years of humming and hawing I finally made the decision to go. Where did travels take us I hear you ask? Well… we started in Iceland, which is a wonderful place. Reykjavik as a town was really interesting and we did the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa but my favourite had to be the trip to see the Geysirs and Gulfoss. It was wet and cold and we definitely didn’t appreciate it at the time as we had America on the horizon but looking back now it really was a highlight.

Next stop NYC! We arrived, it was hot and sticky and not all like Iceland and we had to humph they ridiculous backpacks through the concrete jungle that is New York. I greatly appreciated the ice cream and walk around central park once we gathered ourselves at the hostel. Fast track through America we did Atlantic City ( I won $40, Oh yeah!), Philadelphia, Washington DC where we saw and stayed with my lovely God Mother Kirsteen then onto Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis. Memphis was cool but quite a scary place if you come off the beaten track. Although definitely worth it for Sun studios and Graceland! After that it was Dallas to Las Vegas! Bright light city all right! We had a horrendous Grand Canyon experience but we won’t get into that… San Francisco next with a bonus trip to Yosemite which I think was one of the best parts of our travels. Real life bears up close, camping in the mountains and breath taking views, I was blown away and I’m Scottish where we have that stuff in abundance. Los Angeles was next where we got treated by friends of Sarah’s family visits to Disney Land and Warner Bros studios,Hollywood sign, Cycling to Venice Beach I could feel my bucket list getting shorter by the day in LA.
Moving onto Fiji… Beach Comber and Mantaray Island were both stunning and it was just 5 days of sun sea and sand. It was like a holiday from our holiday and we met some lovely people there to top it off.
Finally the land that is Australia. we arrived in Melbourne where we were greeted by my family Rachael and Laura ( who now have a beautiful baby boy, congrats guys!) So this is where plans changed, we were meant to stay here and work for 3 months to boost the old money pot. However, Christmas was fast approaching and after such a busy first 7 weeks stopping brought up a whole bunch of homesickness that I unfortunately couldn’t shake and made the decision to return back to Glasgow for Christmas after only a few weeks in Aus. Sarah was great with me and we travelled the East Coast before I went home. We saw the Rainforest in Cairns, sailed the Whitsundays, did a 3 day trip on Fraser Island where we saw Dingoes and a real life snake!! Walked what felt like forever to the most easterly point of Australia at Byron Bay, It was worth it though and again through that trip we met some really lovely people and kept bumping into a good few of them down the east coast as everyone is doing the same thing. Then finally Sydney for the opera house, which isn’t that spectacular up close!
So that’s my story and like I said I wasn’t just being a couch potato. I’ve now gotten back into the swing of things making again and currently working in Aberdeen for Creative Learning at their Arts Across Learning Festival as a Hub host. I’ve met some really nice folk working for them and also some really cool artists…finally learned how to knit…YEY!
I make it my duty to contribute on a more regular basis about my goings on!
Until next time… 🙂