Everything will…


Everything will be all right in the end and if its not all right, then it is not yet the end

After watching the Best exotic Marigold hotel at the weekend I think this quote from the film pretty much sums up how things are with my studio work just now…Gotta keep plodding along!


In Memory of…


In Memory of…

This is a piece of work that I made in second year at Art School. It was made in response to a live project with the Provest Skene House Museum in Aberdeen. Inspired by the toys in the victorian nursery in the house and I created this little porcelain dress. It’s meant to represent the dolls and toys and the memories of the children who played with them and how although toys and dolls become old, tatty and forgotten about, our childhood memories will stay with us for a lifetime.

The reason this piece came out the wood work was because I came across an appeal for donated art works from a project called eightbyeight. In April they have an exhibition in Inverness with the theme “ChildHood Explored” which is to raise funds for the Camille Appeal supporting children recovering from brain tumors. I thought the dress I had made fitted with the theme and thought I’d rather see it going to a such a good cause. Here’s hoping they succeed and gain lots of funds for the kids!

Have a look at their website and see all their hard work.


perspex table


perspex table

This table has also been developed from the ‘flowerbed’ idea , the ‘bed’ frame was to originally hold bowls that resembled flowers. Now the bowls have became inspiration for many other pieces of the tea set and the frame has now became a table which will display the tea set as a whole. This is not the final design I hope to create something more sleek and finished looking.

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland…


I thought I’d provide a little description of what theme my work was based around. Alice in Wonderland was always a fairy tale I loved and could relate to as I myself am one curious person, always wanting to know who what when where and why? I’ve tried to grasp aspects of it and not to be too literal with my connections to the stories, using key words like the unexpected, curiosity and nonsense. Initially I started off with playing on words and working from there. Now my work has developed from the play on words and taken on a whole new angle. There is quite a direct link to the Mad Hatter’s tea party with my work so far, however I generally feel that because the pieces are so obscure this link is not too cliche.  Keep watching to find out where things are going from here…Image